competition preparation

Competition preparation or photoshoot preparation:

Do you have goals to compete or prepare for a fitness photoshoot? You are in good hands!

With IFBB Pro Antwane and Silvia in your corner, you'll enjoy the process, and have our

support and full attention needed throughout your prep. We are two coaches who give 100%

into each athlete. We both get that this  journey from the beginning to the big day is a big deal,

as we both have competed or are still competing, so we put our hearts and souls into your

training, programming, posing etc.


Where to begin?
Your current conditioning and size will determine how many weeks you'll need in order to

be ready. The number of weeks could change along the way, depending on your progress.

Before we get into your prep, we will have an initial meeting will be a visual assessment and well as a body composition assessment - to see how many weeks you will need in order to have a successful prep, as well as help you determine what category suits you best. (a small deposit

on the day of your appointment will be needed to secure your appointment, which will be

deducted from your total).

The main organization we prepare clients for is called Canadian Physique Association (CPA). They hold natural shows, as well as open shows.

The benefit of having both of us (IFBB Pro Antwane and Silvia) as coaches, is that you'd have two sets of eyes monitoring you, two different styles of training and essentially two coaches/motivators to prep you, and to support you for the big day! 
* Coach show day attendance (depending on location)

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